Oklahoma Roads - Misc.

Misc. photos

41st St. SB at Gibson St. in Muskogee, pointing to Muskogee Tpk. (OK 165) NB.

If that wasn't stunning enough, rotate your head 45 and check out the former style of state highway marker. Discounted because a bite was taken out, that let me grab it for my collection.

A standalone old-style Turnpike shield on US 270/OK 1 EB, courtesy Jeremy Lance.

A popular photo at the tri-point of these states, courtesy David Backlin. If you know your geography, you know that Arkansas should be south and Missouri north.

I like windmills and sunsets. Do you? These are in Minco along OK 37.

Heavenly rays from OK 51A SB, and a side road crosses a culvert on the west side of OK 8 south of the 51A junction.

I went all the way up to the Cimarron River in Kingfisher County, off of Lemon Rd. well northeast of the county seat of Kingfisher, only to discover that this truss is on private land. I turned around and discovered a dead-end sign on Big 4 Rd. SB at Beebe Rd. where there was just a T intersection. Beebe Rd. is dirt both ways except for the pavement jog that follows Big 4 Rd. to the left and south again, but that's hardly the same as a dead end.

Robinson Ave. SB at Park Ave. in Oklahoma City.

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