Oklahoma Roads - I-35


A NB assembly and a Reno St. EB assembly, both at Eastern Ave. The Reno St. assembly is fine, but the freeway one is not. The US 270 is the wrong shape, the I-40 and I-44 are using a munged font, there is no reason for the US 62 to have faded, "Ft" is too close to "Smith," Wichita is not centered, the directions are too large and bleed into each other on the center sign, the I-40 and US 270 cannot possibly be centered if "East" and "Ft Smith" are, "EXIT" is far too large and "127" is too small (they should switch sizes, really), the exit tab should have the same corner radius on the border as the rest of the sign for consistency, and oh yeah, every single one of those arrows is just plain wrong. There's something wrong with the "e" in M L King Ave., the "L" is closer to the "M" than the "K", down arrows on the left sign aren't allowed to be slanted toward their lanes anymore...

A rarity on the NB Exit 141 ramp - a new sign with the old pill shaped shield. The meat cleaver style is going on a few years old now, and almost all of the old circles are gone in the Tulsa area. That being said, the OK 66 is off center both vertically and horizontally and the arrows probably need to move down a little. But that's it.

The new style of Oklahoma state route shield always looks wrong, because the numbers aren't made to fit into the state outline. That being said, these signs courtesy Scott Nazelrod are especially wrong. Lane arrows are supposed to be directly above the lanes, and if the arrows on the left sign were centered with "Wichita" instead of scrunched over to the left, that could actually happen. The sign on the right mysteriously came out Clearview even though both of these seem to date to the same time. There's also no need for the JCT (or Jct, which is another error).

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