Oklahoma Roads - US 66 - Custer County

in Custer County

Old US highways seemingly always parallel old railroads.

EB through Clinton with Business I-40 on Gary Blvd.

Old US 66 turns off of Gary Blvd. and makes its own way until the old pavement runs into the hillside, visible through asphalt cracks and the original curb to the right in the last photo. A general rule of thumb, especially in the Midwest: If a random side road, frontage road, etc. is paved in concrete, you can believe it was once a state highway.

Because old US 66 went beneath a hill (and is then cut off by I-40), I had to wind around to the next I-40 crossing to get to the other side and pick up the US 66 trail. Conveniently, the south frontage road is "numbered" RT66.

Heading west on the south frontage road until it hits the dead-end corresponding to the old road leaving Clinton.

Remaining photos are all eastbound.

Heading east on the frontage road, there are ugly shields and oh so many windmills. And if you know me, you know I like windmills.

And then there are old bridges and more windmills and some unexpected button copy and more windmills.

Into Weatherford, which has posted its own historic shields. While far from accurate, they have two things going for them: a better-looking font and being cut out.

Check out that old clearance sign!

This bridge is the Custer/Caddo County line. That means photos continue east on the next page linked below.

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