Oklahoma Roads - US 66 - Creek Co.

Former US 66 in Creek County

An old alignment north of OK 66 at Graham Rd., east of Stroud, looking west and then heading east along it. I've wondered about all the roads like this, why not just allow two lanes in each direction and preserve the old road as part of the new road? At the very least, why was the new road moved ever so slightly to the south, and then why was the old road broken into small pieces intentionally? This practice, common in the Midwest, makes no sense to me, but I live in a state where every inch of property is developable.

The next stretch east of Milfay Rd. and west of Depew, all EB.

I got bored, so I went up and checked out a small piece used for a couple of driveways. The Road Closed sign isn't needed in the first photo when there's already a guiderail stopping you from getting that far.

Somewhere between Stroud and Salpulpa, courtesy Jeremy Lance.

This alignment diverges from OK 66 EB/OK 48 NB, heading basically due north back into 48. It appears that US 66 also went that way, past the current OK 66 diagonal route, and then took a small curve to head east on W. 181 St. straight into the east-west part of OK 66.

There's no experience quite like turning off the main highway and driving across an old truss on a brick roadway, knowing that those bricks were laid more than 80 years ago for the most famous road in the country. It's a testament to early engineering that traffic can still use the bridge, and I hope it's preserved for many more to share my experience.

Even though the bridge plaque (basically commemorating Route 66) is modern, the bricks have an old-timey feel to them, produced just up the road in Sapulpa. It's quite possible that these were picked up from the original brick US 66 roadway on either side of the bridge.

Back east on Ozark Trail, which dies out before getting back into OK 66 just west of Sapulpa.

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