Oklahoma Roads - US 66, Beckham County/Business I-40, Erick

in Beckham County and Business I-40 in Erick

All photos are eastbound except the two I note.

After a brief divided highway leaving Texola, the two directions come together on the former EB lanes, leaving the WB lanes to crumble. However, the old white lane lines haven't completely faded, leaving them as de facto median striping. Unlike other sections of US 66 with white center stripes, these aren't a relic from before yellow paint was used.

Continuing in Erick (on Business I-40), which has a couple of these brown US 66 shields (also see the one at top). The "STOP" sign at Sheb Wooley St. is kind of useless, being 1) faded, 2) nearly completely hidden behind a pole, and 3) over 50 feet away on the left side of the road. Luckily, there's another one on the right side that traffic can actually see.

Leaving Erick, you can clearly see that the old two-lane road became the newer four-lane road's median, and then, when the road divided, the newer road's WB lanes.

Once again, the old WB lanes are abandoned east of Erick, so here are a bunch of photos. Periodic closures with mounds of dirt and removed pavement sections ensure that no one tries to still use them.

Around N 1820, I take a quick jaunt on the old WB side, here heading west until it disappears (briefly) into the trees. The only reason any of it is still maintained is for driveway access.

Now heading east for a bit.

Back onto current former US 66, if that makes any sense.

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