Ohio Roads - US 62 (SW of Danville)/US 68

southwest of Danville; US 62/68
Make that US 62.

US 62 and 68 got a new bridge built for them in 2001, so the old routes are now Business-bannered, though in the beginning Ohio put up ALTs as seen here, fresh over the new bridge courtesy H.B. Elkins. This is the signage at the end of the new bridge, with routes that are east-west in Kentucky (and even-numbered as such) but north-south in Ohio for the most part. Notice the 3dus-width US 52 shield, as well as the directionals that are part of the one-piece sign.

And here are some views WB approaching that bridge.

US 62 WB without US 68 in the southern part of the state, to OH 125 in Russellville.

EB entering Washington Court House, where US 62 joins a short concurrency with US 22 and steals OH 3 away from it for a much longer concurrency to Columbus. My photos from those roads are on those pages, linked at bottom.

WB in the same spot.

All the way up to Columbus, where US 62 turns onto US 40.

5th Ave. WB and EB above I-670; US 62 uses 5th Ave. to get between its old alignment on Nelson Rd. to the southwest and its new alignment on I-670 to the northeast. For a time, US 62 simply stayed on Nelson to Exit 9 for more direct access, but that made too much sense.

WB at the beginning of I-670 outside Columbus.

EB in New Albany.

And WB.

WB at Main St. (OH 37) in Johnstown.

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