Ohio Roads - US 62 (NE of Danville)/OH 7/OH 39/OH 45

US 62 northeast of Danville
US 62/OH 39, US 62/OH 45, US 62/OH 7

SB in Millersburg with OH 83, though this really should be US 62 WB given the signs on either side of the concurrency. US 62 really should not have an east-west number; US 1 and US 11, for example, travel significantly more east-west and yet fit in the north-south grid. US 42, US 52, and US 68 also are very diagonal east-west routes (certainly in Ohio), but 52 (NW-SE) cuts across the other three (SW-NE) to completely confound the numbering system.

The Holmes County Courthouse in Millersburg, dating to 1885.

US 62/OH 39 WB. The old alignment is CR 624 - pretty much every road outside a town is a CR in Holmes County.

More WB Holmes County routes, with some style added to the already stylish Paint Twp. 666. OH 250 does not exist, but US 250 is used to being slighted.

In this area, US 62 is fairly consistently east-west. These photos are just off the Millersburg exit, first EB (OH 21 NB) and then two WB (OH 21 SB).

I-77/US 62 SB/WB in Massillon, all from Doug Kerr. The WEST fell off the Exit 104 BGS, or was taken off.

US 62 WB picks up OH 45 SB and twirls around the top of Salem with it. US 62 then exits itself and turns south, while barren Youngstown-Salem Rd. continues west to end at OH 14. The next section of divided highway that would ostensibly be US 62 is only about ten miles to the west around Alliance, suggesting an eventual completion of divided highway between the two.

EB signs approaching the northern OH 45 split.

WB at the beginning of the Salem bypass. OH 9 used to end at US 62 in the center of town, but was extended northward when 62 moved to keep the old road in the state highway system.

One of a select few 1950s-'60s guide signs left in the state, EB with OH 46 NB in Canfield at US 224.

US 62 WB, with signage having just turned from SB, crosses Hillman St. in Youngstown, turns right off of OH 7, and heads on its way out of the city.

US 62 NB picks up OH 7 in Youngstown and takes an aborted freeway north to Albert St. It was supposed to head up around Hubbard and tie into the improved highway leading to Sharon, PA. Third photo (button copy now gone) courtesy Doug Kerr. Notice that now suddenly US 62 is signed east-west, but it runs just as north-south as ever. I won't believe it until all of the route in Ohio is signed one way consistently.

SB on the same freeway duplex.

US 62 drags OH 7 past I-80; these were southbound courtesy Doug Kerr and are now gone.

NB, about the same spot, as the duplex disappears. Again courtesy Doug Kerr, again gone.

Just after OH 7 peels off, US 62 gets these cutout BGS shields. It's hard to believe the route goes E-W when the shields are so wrong.

The next cross-street to the north is the connection between the two northern prongs of the once duplexed routes. Sure enough, here's another cutout, this of the pointy state route variety. I said it before, and now that I saw it in person, I'll say it again - do not cut your shields out if they can injure children.

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