Ohio Roads - US 52

US 52

Not even a county route (which would be black on white), this is Perry Twp. 615, also known as Grandview Ave., jutting east from US 52.

Eastbound west of Ironton
Eastbound, Ironton and east

I-74 and US 52/I-74
US 127 and US 52/27/127
US 42 and US 52/27/42/127
I-275 and US 52/I-74/275
Business US 62/68 and US 52/Bus. US 62/68

Business US 52, Ironton
Lawrence CR 1, old US 52

Taken in 1989 by Michael Summa, he doesn't remember which town but he knows it's on US 52.

If you hate pentagonal signs, you may want to reside in Ohio. Their county routes tend to look like this. CR 144 heads north from US 52 just northwest of where it enters the state from WV, then intersecting the northern service road. CR 407 is assigned to the eastern, dead-end leg of the service road, while CR 406 is assigned to the west. I guess Lawrence County had numbers to spare.

Into West Virginia on US 52
Abandoned Torrence Rd. (from US 52)
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