Ohio Roads - US 50

WB from the Whitewater River to the least opulent state line sign ever.

WB across the Great Miami River on the Ohio Byway part of US 50.

Looking back east at the parallel railroad bridge.

Some of the treats on US 50 as I drive west from Cincinnati. Keep your eyes peeled for the old crossbucks and "Be sure you can clear tracks;" they pass by quickly. As you see, the road that was there has long ago disappeared.

There's no wrong way to photograph the impressive Waldvogel Viaduct. This is from US 50 EB where OH 264 joins it (from the left). Continue via the big link at bottom, then come back here.

US 50 WB joins I-71 SB through downtown until 71 ends. Then it ends up on the ramp under the signs in the third photo, also carrying traffic from I-71/75 NB, before merging into OH 264. And now you're all caught up on downtown signs and I can continue east. The faux suspension bridge photo is courtesy Doug Kerr.

Columbia Pkwy. WB entering the city, whose eastern skyline is dominated by I-471. The semi-famous US 50 shield was once a normal color scheme, but the black has eventually worn away to reveal the shiny reflective white underneath. The white, meanwhile, has worn away to be completely unreflective, so this sign still works in a way opposite from its original intent. In about 10 years, though, the whole thing will be useless.

EB showing the old retaining wall of the Parkway and signs that are all at the same interchange. The Parkway is set up with 3 WB lanes and 2 EB lanes, presumably because this road is the bottleneck for inbound commuters but the city streets are the outbound bottleneck. I included the original overpass with concrete pillars to wash the taste of the shield out of your eyes.

The rest of the EB Parkway, then continuing on to the Village of Mariemont. This shield is new compared to what you'll see shortly.

First, read about the town.

Here's a 50-year old EB cutout. There's more:

The much more visible cutout shield is in the center of town, right in front of the historical plaque, right by a convenient parking lot in the middle of US 50 where you can get out to take a closeup photo. I sure did - click to see it.

A Hamilton County milepost by OH 126 outside Milford. Mileposts reset at county lines in Ohio, but you wouldn't know it just from this because US 50 entered both the state and the county 36 miles ago. Clermont County is just feet away, though.

The wrong state outline EB in Milford. If you think that's Ohio, then you may as well assume Wyoming is a triangle. I mean, it almost has enough sides.

The new Blennerhassett Island Bridge, across the Ohio River into Ohio.

OH 264 and 264/US 50

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