Ohio Roads - US 42 - Delaware & N./OH 3

Delaware and north, US 42/OH 3

US 36 EB from US 42 and then OH 37 WB from US 42. The bridge in the first photo is sadly now gone and the left turn is US 42 leaving 36, not "TO".

SB in Delaware. The many-bannered route is related to the railroad grade crossing on OH 37 just east of US 42, so I question how temporary it is. Click on the second photo for a many-bannered closeup.

All but the CR 149 photo are SB. That and Township Rd. 152 lead to covered bridges, which is a worthy reason to sign a township road. Twp. Rd. 25 does not. The holey signs are at OH 95.

Old things SB. I would love to live on an old alignment, but maybe not by a cemetery.

The south side of Mansfield has all these old gantries overhead. Here are the signs I captured NB, with the last two photos left and right on the same gantry.

I got a whole passel more SB since I was heading that way. The first two are left and right at Prospect St. Click on the third one if you want to see a closeup of signs. I know that's what you're here for, you dirty person. The next two are left/right, and the last photo is a closeup of the signs on the previous gantry, with creative editing to fit them into my 1,000 pixel limit.

The northernmost old gantries are in downtown Mansfield. The first is Main St. SB at 1st St., the southwest corner of the one-way square of US 422 and OH 13. The second is where the routes split. US 42 bears right doubly while OH 13 bears left toward I-71.

On the north side of Mansfield, I head south and pick up OH 430 WB for the ride to downtown. OH 430 continues ahead with old Lincoln Highway in the last photo.

NB and SB button copy.

NB through a brief concurrency with US 250 around Ashland.

US 42 SB and, after the first photo, US 250 EB.

SB in and beyond West Salem, where I'm following the old 2-lane side of the road.

US 42/224 SB/WB around the west side of Lodi, all but the first photo courtesy Doug Kerr. The duplex used to be routed differently - US 42 followed what is now OH 421 to Lodi Rd., and US 224 came up from Greenwich Rd. for a much shorter duplex before leaving on the same road on the west side of town. I would accept a JCT OH 421 but not JCT US 42.

Westfield Rd. SB and Hamilton Rd. EB and WB. I wish they all looked like the second shield.

Every shield gets the same width on the Ohio one-piece assemblies, and that's too wide. SB in the center of Medina, first (older) photo courtesy Doug Kerr before OH 18 lost its EAST.

A long stretch of SB signs starting at Greenleaf Ave. in Parma.

All I-480, all taken SB. The first is at OH 94, the second looks west along I-480, and the third is at Ridge Rd. (where OH 3 leaves to the south). OH 17 would be a much more direct cutoff without a sharp right turn.

NB in Cleveland, at I-71 Exit 245 (near the northern terminus, clearly), courtesy Doug Kerr. US 42, like US 62, follows a diagonal path from end to end - consider that for an east-west number, it was assigned a north-south Interstate to follow it. In the original Ohio scheme, this was one of the N-East/S-West routes.

Starting in Market Square, where US 42/OH 3 SB break from US 6/20 EB, I head south past Monroe Ave. and confront non-cutout but temporary signs.

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