Ohio Roads - US 42 - Spring Valley-Delaware

US 42, Spring Valley-Delaware

Photos progress southward.

NB photos, all taken SB, as US 42 shares the ride with US 23 into downtown Delaware.

First photo free from US 23, SB at the connection to Sandusky St. (old US 23).

A pair of SB cast town signs.

Just past the NB sign is an ambiguous OH 56 reference. OH 56 is not on US 42 here. The intent, I think, is to get through traffic to turn right on Midway St. and use Center St. around downtown, but you really can't tell from this.

I think the second photo gives away the location and direction.

US 42 SB and Business US 35 NB compromise by heading west through Xenia, and they also each keep their own way of signing each route, which is good for a road sign page.

The NB lanes were being reconstructed from Spring Valley to Xenia in 2014, so I got opposing traffic on my side as I headed SB and all this new pavement on the NB side. Spot the one look back over my shoulder.

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