Ohio Roads - US 42 - S. of Spring Valley

south of Spring Valley

The wooden cutout above, in Cleveland, was photographed by Brian LeBlanc and submitted by Doug Kerr.

You'll see a lot of trailblazers to I-71 on my US 42 pages. This is the last one, onto Sycamore St., as US 42 SB comes to the end of its freedom and joins all these other routes.

US 42 leaves US 27/US 52/US 127 (see big link at bottom) and heads the other way on Central Pkwy. to Reading Rd. These signs are NB (first) and SB (last two) before 42 gets far from downtown.

NB at I-71 Exit 2. I squeezed the signs together for the second photo.

US 42 SB in the same spot. It's possible to get to I-471 via I-71, but it involves a quick weave across three lanes of traffic.

Elsinore Place WB.

Heading south through Cincinnati on Reading Rd. with a hopped-up Z28 Camaro as my guide. The first two bridges are railroads and the last is McMillan St. I think the stairs on the east side are climbable.

The next street south is Morgan St., which leads up to McMillan St. to the left.

One of the last black on white guide signs, SB.

SB entering the next town up, the namesake of the road US 42 follows, and Columbia Ave. WB away from US 42 while in that town.

Burn all of these signs in Lebanon. Show them the way of truth and light.

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