Ohio Roads - US 40 - Columbus and W.

, Columbus and west

All the signs are cool until I get to OH 48, and then we need to talk.

WB and from OH 48 SB, all wrong.

The Dayton area seems very particular about US 40 being the alternate route for I-70, which it really does everywhere without the advertisement. The second photo is at the Dayton Airport Connector, allowing you to choose how much Alt you let into your life.


EB past Taylorsville Reservoir. Not all of US 40 is the Old National Road, but that's why I have an Old US 40 page.

Still Alt and with an ugly shield, from OH 202 NB.

Leaving Springfield, US 40 is now Business Loop I-70 with some memorable signs. The last photo is at the gore to I-70 EB and the end of Business I-70.

3 EB signs and then 3 WB signs, and not only does Alt. I-70 live on, it again has a spur. It's all too much.

OH 54 NB and SB, the former of which just signs I-70 straight ahead with no Alt shenanigans.

US 40 EB picks up OH 142 NB in West Jefferson.

Walking down and under the Big Darby Creek bridge from the east side at the Franklin/Madison County line. It looks like nothing special from the top, but that's what road meets are for, sharing gems that only locals know about.

A couple of eastward views from underneath.

The best I could do for a side view, looking south.

WB button copy on the west side of Columbus. We'll see I-270 again on the east side.

EB at the same interchange, with an obviously replaced shield, and then onto the combined I-270 ramp. The WB turn to I-270 SB also joins this ramp, but that direction gets a dedicated ramp to I-270 NB, so only the EB traffic needs to use the left side here.

Signage in the onramp to I-70 WB at Exit 97 in Columbus, courtesy Michael Summa via John Krakoff.

WB with US 62 entering Columbus.

EB to the other side of Columbus. Told you we'd see I-270 again!

And WB.

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