Ohio Roads - US 40 - E. of Reynoldsburg

east of Reynoldsburg

There's a short old alignment on the north side of US 40, WB at the new north end of OH 158. It used to end in Kirkersville, but was rerouted onto a freeway bypass, or should I say, the former EB lanes of a freeway that was the temporary end of I-70 east of Columbus. If that sounds interesting, check it out via the link at bottom.

Embossed Kirkersville sign, WB in a funny county.

EB in Hebron.

And WB.

A cute coincidence for a hideous shield, in Jacksontown.

Two different barns, heading west from Zanesville. But as popular as the Mail Pouch signs are, look at the negative image: Chew Red Man! Not only that, but it's still produced as a brand. I guess the type of person who chews tobacco is not the type who cares about racial sensitivity.

Looking east at the northern leg of the Y Bridge in Zanesville, the leg that US 40 doesn't use. The historical significance of the rare 3-legged bridge makes it even cooler than the railroad truss behind.

WB on the Y Bridge, with the second photo at the fork of the Y. Is the Y Tour just set up to see all sides of the bridge? That might be the silliest, and roadliest, tour ever.

Follow the tour to the southerly overlook and see three legs at once!

County Road 52 SB off of I-70 Exit 160, Sonora Rd. east of Zanesville, courtesy Michael Summa and taken in 1982. These black-on-white guide signs were old even then.

200 years of Guernsey County, WB to some sort of arrow sign at the US 22 junction on the east side of Cambridge. (US 22/40 are on the US 22 page, linked below.) At one point, the city had set up letter- and shape-coded routes to its sights, but these may be the last traces of them.

EB. Needs graphic designer.

Belmont County uses green county route squares. Keep this in mind. Green. Square. These are WB.

EB and WB at the next intersection to the east. Yes, CR 56 multiplexes with a US highway, but it should be obvious that the black on white guide signs are what's at play here.

In St. Clairsville.

WB and turning onto CR 214. See, while it's not cut out, at least the shield in the first photo is the right shape. I don't know why Belmont County still has a white square in use anywhere, unless it's to minimize confusion with a number of other blue shields. Wait, though, didn't I say up there that Belmont County uses green county route squares? Yes, in those exact words! So, wait, they also use white squares? AND pentagons? That's definitely something to find difficult to understand. On 214 itself, I'm more intrigued by the I-470 shield.

You wouldn't know it from the nondescript railings on US 40, but its bridge across Wheeling Creek in Blaine is quite impressive, towering above the 19th-century "S" bridge on old US 40 below. These photos head west along Pasco Dr., the original Lincoln Highway.

Walking and driving back east along the bridge, then forced (in the last photo) up Blaine Barton Rd. on the south side of the eastern bridge approach.

Various views of the healthy bridge undercarriage. The second photo looks east and the last one looks west.

Got questions? Bridge plaque's got answers. It was built in 1932-1933 and carries the name "Blaine Hill Viaduct."

Marion St. NB (from I-70), turning east on US 40 and looking at Allen St. (that concrete driveway-looking thing) to a sign at the corner of US 250 (and former OH 7/current interchange ramps) that tells you where all this is.

Incredibly, this shield still stands WB at Marion St., one of the last of its kind anywhere (and only Ohio and Georgia have these in any number at all). More incredibly, I can re-verify this status as of 2019. It's the easternmost exit on I-70, and since my page progresses from west to east, you know where the next photos are.

This hangs at the eastern end of the old National Road truss bridge over the Ohio River. Black on white signs were phased out in the 1960s, so that tells you how long this bridge has sat unused. Because the boundary is drawn on the west shoreline, you'll have to see my WV page linked below for more bridge photos.

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