Ohio Roads - US 35

US 35

Eastbound just inside the state line with I-70, courtesy Bill Donovan.

Advance EB signage for OH 7, courtesy H.B. Elkins. The exit is really OH 735 but I suspect that 735 is an unsigned route, seeing as how it's really just TO OH 7 and TO US 35 WEST.

Did I go a bit too far here? Actually, being at the beginning of the bridge, this sign is still in OH, again courtesy H.B.

You will definitely go too far by clicking to drive southeast on the Silver Memorial Bridge into West Virginia. It's actually a memorial to the original Silver Bridge that collapsed from a failed eyebar while carrying rush hour traffic in 1967, not in memory of a person named Silver or the metal.

Heading back the other way, definitely in OH and again from H.B. Elkins. Still waiting for 0}-{10 VV3lc0m35 j00.

Should you exit onto OH 7, you will see that the former right-turn ramp has been left to rot. This and the SB right-turn ramp back onto US 35 were both closed in favor of a standard right-turn lane to eliminate weaving on OH 7, not that the SB right turn had anything to do with the problem.

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