Ohio Roads - US 30 W. of Mansfield

US 30 west of Mansfield

All photos are either courtesy Bill (Donovan), Scott (Colbert), Lou (Corsaro), or Doug (Kerr), from multiple trips. Unless I say otherwise, all are eastbound.

Starting off with two from Doug.

Two from Bill, one from Lou, and two more from Doug, around Van Wert.

Past Middle Point to Delphos, with the third photo from Doug and the rest from Bill.

A pointy Ohio cutout on this exit east of Beaverdam, from Scott. This exit goes to the beginning of OH 696 along the old Lincoln Highway, which US 30 supersedes when not directly using it (this relationship lasts all the way into eastern PA). I-75 is just to the west, and OH 696 turns northward beyond that.

Have some WB button copy from Bill.

The first photo is from Bill, then all the rest are from Lou except the 8th photo ("Township Rd 52"), which is Scott's.

Bill's photo from OH 235 NB east of Beaverdam.

US 30 exists as a series of bypasses connecting older four-laned highways. Since a lot of traffic (especially trucks) is using 30 as an alternative to the Ohio and Indiana Turnpike toll roads (I-80/I-90), these bypasses are slowly getting extended and connected. When Bill took the first, third, and fifth photos, the Beaverdam bypass ended here at OH 235, but as you will see in the next group of photos, it was ready to be extended in the near future. By the time Lou took the second and fourth photos, the freeway was open.

2005 views of ongoing construction around the OH 235 interchange, from Scott.

Just before the new freeway opens, drums have replaced the barrier. From Bill.

The freeway resumes around Upper Sandusky, which is well south of Sandusky but may just be up the river of that name. However, the bypass belongs more to US 23 than US 30. All three photos are from Scott.

As of 2007, that construction you saw above has progressed into an actual freeway, linking the Beaverdam and Upper Sandusky bypasses. These photos from Bill are westbound on the new freeway past CR 330 (the original routing of US 30) and on westward to a never before seen highway, OH 68. What's really here is US 68.

I guess Ohio hasn't adopted county route shields yet, at least on freeway signs. Sandor Gulyas postulates there may be one or two total, and I say that doesn't really count. All three photos are from Scott.

Compare this Bill photo to the second one in the previous run. Yes, CR 330 has taken over CR 430.

Now to the Bucyrus bypass, OH 4 cuts a nearly straight diagonal up to Sandusky from here, and heads south to Columbus (Sandusky Road is also known as Columbus-Sandusky Road) via OH 98 and US 23. Photos 3 (hospital), 5, and 6 (right at the exit) are from Lou, and the others are from Bill.

According to Brian Powell, this photo from Doug isn't in Dalton where I thought it was, because Dalton has an ALT 30, not a BUS. So this is somewhere else, perhaps Upper Sandusky or Bucyrus. Too bad, because I had a nice caption about US 30's four-lane divided bypass of Dalton: it's a far cry from being a freeway, and it remains to be seen if there will be a new bypass and what will then happen to the current one. By the way, this should be three seperate signs: EAST, BUSINESS, and US 30. No ROUTE.

In the second photo, the CR 330 BGS is new and replaces a Freeway Ends 1 Mile, now that the freeway connecting the Bucyrus and Mansfield bypasses has opened. The last photo is on CR 330 NB, which has enough room underneath US 30 for four divided lanes, though only one on either side of the columns is in use. Contractors hate spacing shields apart by as much as 0". The first two photos are from Bill, and last two are from Scott.

Lou took the first photo ahead of OH 602. According to Bill, all of the BGS (that might be a better plural than BGS's or even BGSs) on the new Bucyrus-Mansfield freeway "look like this" in the second photo. In other words, the contractor was squinting when he laid out the sign.

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