Ohio Roads - US 30, Wooster-Lisbon (and US 62)

US 30, Wooster to Lisbon

Way east to the Massillon/Canton bypass, US 30/62 WB where they split, courtesy Doug Kerr.

Very little delicious button copy is still around near Canton. This is the last bit EB at OH 21/US 62.

Scrounging for scraps EB on US 30/62, with the first two photos courtesy Lou Corsaro and the penultimate, old photo courtesy John Krakoff.

This WB sign and the corresponding EB one above are both for Harrison Ave.

EB dropping off OH 43 east of I-77, first photo courtesy Lou Corsaro. This is what's known as an afterthought.

Thankfully, there's still some button copy WB, although there's also rain.

Button copy returns EB just in time for the freeway to end. There's no clear path from here, but presumably the freeway would tie back into surface US 30 east of East Canton, skipping the OH 172 (old Lincoln Highway/US 30) concurrency in that town. There are some puny mainline stubs, but no traces of future ramps.

Trump Ave. NB and SB (SB being US 30 for now).

Past the end of the freeway, US 30 temporarily returns to the old alignment, now OH 172. In East Canton, the two diverge again, and this time US 30 holds onto the old Lincoln Highway. Courtesy Lou Corsaro, this is an original (1910s) turn marker following the original path of what became US 30 EB.

EB in downtown Lisbon.

US 30 picked up OH 45 in Lisbon but drops it off again, and then immediately gets on the OH 11 freeway to East Liverpool, which apparently has moved in the last few years. Straight ahead, Columbiana CR 425 continues the old Lincoln Highway as E. Liverpool Rd.

WB from E. Liverpool Rd. onto US 30. I find it odd that US 30 gets precedence over OH 11 SB on the green signs, though maybe it's because OH 11 never again exists independently until it ends at the state line.

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