Ohio Roads - US 30 - Mansfield to Wooster

US 30, Mansfield to Wooster

Most photos are courtesy Lou Corsaro and thus unattributed. All are eastbound unless otherwise specified.

The last photo is on Lexington-Springmill Road SB in Ontario, courtesy Bill Donovan.

These are all EB until the last photo, which is the middle of the WB loop ramp, courtesy Bill Donovan. Here the ramp intersects Longview Ave. on its way to OH 39, hence the rare mid-ramp reassurance.

The next-to-last photo is courtesy Scott Colbert.

Once again, the next-to-last photo is not Lou's - in this case, courtesy Bill Donovan.

Westbound on the bypass, then up the US 42 exit ramp, first two photos courtesy Bill Donovan and last two courtesy Doug Kerr.

The Mansfield bypass loses freeway status at I-71 and turns into a four-lane divided arterial for a little while. The last photo is courtesy Scott Colbert and the rest are from Doug Kerr.

Here's what you get if you turn toward I-71, courtesy John Krakoff.

The last photo is at OH 60.

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