Ohio Roads - US 30/OH 11/OH 7/OH 39

US 30/OH 11, US 30/OH 7/11, US 30/OH 11/39

The first set of US 30 EB/OH 11 SB signage, down the OH 7 ramp. After this, all three routes run together to East Liverpool. As I complain on my standalone OH 11 page, ODOT decided to replace everything on the freeway signs in this area instead of the sign itself.

US 30 EB/OH 7/11 SB on down the OH 170 ramp, second photo and last three (ramp) photos courtesy Lou Corsaro. Actually, the last two signs are on E. Liverpool Road, original US 30 and here helping get ramp traffic to the beginning of OH 170.

Back on the freeway, continuing EB/SB into East Liverpool, with another patch job at OH 170. OH 7 disappears, but OH 39 comes right on to replace it. Instead of a US 30/OH 39 duplex, OH 11 creates an unnecessary triplex - it should just begin where US 30 leaves the freeway to the north. (By the way, US 30 welcomes back OH 39 from where they last met in Mansfield.) The 1/4 mile advance sign for OH 7/39 is courtesy Lou Corsaro (but not the whole photo).

US 30 WB/OH 11 NB, breaking up the OH 39 concurrency in East Liverpool by handing it off to OH 7.

US 30 EB/OH 11 SB (and OH 39 EB until they split) heading toward the West Virginia border where OH 11 obviously ends, although signage skips Chester, WV and heads straight to Pennsylvania. The third photo is the Newell Bridge from W. 5th St. in East Liverpool, and the exit signs surround it are for Jackson St., right by a very historic university. Any ideas on what the metal bridge thing is? It looks like some sort of material elevator from the hillside down to a former railroad track, and then US 30/OH 39 EB were overlaid on it. I would love someone to corroborate or contradict my theory.

The corresponding E. Liverpool exit in the WB direction is for Washington St. Although there's no US 30 signage overhead, trust me, it's still here. First photo, just after entering the state and thus just after the beginning of OH 11 NB, courtesy Doug Kerr, and the rest are mine.

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