Ohio Roads - US 22 WB/OH 7 NB/US 40 WB/US 62 SW/OH 3 SB

US 22 WB (with OH 7 NB, US 40 WB, US 62 SW, OH 3 SB)

The first set of signage entering the state before the OH 7 duplex begins. The little signs have a tendency to get quite crowded. Check out the amazingly tall wall on the left in the last photo - it's four installments high (around 100 feet at least), just to squeeze four lanes of expressway against the river.

NB/WB on OH 7/US 22.

Up to the John Scott Hwy. overpass, and an oblique view of the NB John Scott onramp sign.

All of the button copy for the rest of the freeway, including the signs on the ramps themselves. The Jefferson Co. Airport could use a "NEXT RIGHT" or similar, because otherwise it just looks like a place marker. Bill Donovan suggests that it was inadvertently switched with the sign atop this eastbound BGS at the same exit. Probably correct.

Old Cambridge street signs shared with US 40; OH 209 comes in at the second one.

US 22/40 leave Cambridge on this old railroad overpass where OH 209 breaks off to the north. The deck was recently redone, but the piers are original.

Another old railroad-related item to the northwest of the 22/40/209 intersection. I have a whole Non-Roads page if buildings interest you.

Guernsey CR 430 is one of the many old alignments of US 40, and here US 22 gets to share the benefit of the only one I found paved in bricks. (At least at its eastern end; aerial photos suggest it doesn't last very long.)

US 22 WB/OH 93 SB leaving Zanesville. The signals are at Harrison St. and Zanesville Rd., where you'll find the Y Tour as well. The center pier is at an old railroad trestle south of town.

Now in Somerset, where the horse is shared with OH 668 (following 22) and OH 13.

US 22 picks up US 62/OH 3 WB/SB in Washington Court House and holds onto OH 3 the rest of the way beyond here. There are more views on the EB page.

Continuing into Cincinnati, which doesn't know what routes it has. US 22 south? OH 3 west? Both wrong. OH 22 is just right out, but it pulls off the Ohio outline much better than the actual state route.

More things Cinci needs to improve: cutting out shields, and welcoming people to the city when they enter it, not miles later. (Admittedly, this gateway works for traffic getting off I-71 and heading downtown from Exit 2.)

Old signs at Walnut St., then new signs after it. Remember OH 22? Now it can be paired with US 3.

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