Ohio Roads - US 22 EB/OH 3 NB/US 62 NE/OH 7 SB

US 22 EB (with OH 3 NB, US 62 NE, OH 7 SB)

Just after US 22 begins on Central Ave. in Cincinnati, you must decide whether to turn on 6th St. or continue straight. The fate of Alt North I-75 depends on you.

US 22 EB/OH 3 NB leaving Cincinnati. The first two signs are in the Exit 2 area (among many ramps there) and the last, also an overhead sign, is at Exit 5.

Former railroad bridge just north of US 22/OH 3 in Morrow.

A treat you don't get on my WB page, the stub of OH 73 outside Wilmington. While it's eventually slated to become a full bypass, there is clearly no ongoing work to extend it beyond its current terminus. So why all the barrels, covered signs and signals, and barricades (here guarding the unbuilt/future EB exit)?

Continuing east past the future WB off and on ramps. Why bother having the overhead signs already erected? I saw the cart come through months ago but there's no horse to be seen.

US 35 ought to be north-south. I'm sure it was one of the original North-West/South-East routes, but Ohio, you picked the wrong pair to stick with.

Finally, OH 3 hooks up with a REAL north-south route and leaves US 22. Oh, wait, US 62 is another one of those confusing ones that's signed in all four directions through the state. When Ohio dropped hyphenated directions, it seems like they had no firm policy on how to treat each route after that. All of the routes pass by the center of Washington Court House. Which must make this building the Washington Court House Court House.

In the fields near Cadiz. Mail Pouch appreciates the continued free publicity, but they would like to remind you that treating yourself to the best will kill you much sooner than you think.

Now to the Steubenville area, down the ramp to Lovers Lane. Weirton and Pittsburgh should be followed by WV and PA.

Up to the OH 7 duplex, first three photos courtesy Doug Kerr.

It's tough taking photos backward at freeway speed. Here are my best attempts at the OH 7 SB/US 22 EB duplex. First and last photos courtesy Doug Kerr because I just couldn't get them to come out.

Leaving the OH 7 duplex and crossing into West Virginia on the Weirton-Steubenville Bridge. One WV sign made it over to the Ohio side - you can tell from the square corners.

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