Ohio Roads - University Blvd. (old US 22)

University Blvd., Steubenville (old US 22)

These WB button copy signs aren't as old as the ones on OH 14 EB (they're still reflective), but they do still imply that you're on US 22 and that it heads to the right. You'll see below that the US 22 freeway was old enough to still get button copy when it opened.

EB on the Brady Ave. part of the route. The OH 7 shield doesn't seem to be that old, but it has the old Ohio 7 with the cut corner. The park sign is definitely that old, as are the overhead blinkers.

Since the US 22 shield isn't that old, I assume there was supposed to be a TO above it, but it's interesting that such an error would be made on the actual old alignment of US 22. These are all EB.

One more button copy sign at that intersection, WB, also carrying traffic from OH 7 onto the Weirton-Steubenville Bridge.

The railroad crossing just south of the two US 22 bridges (old and new), and the end of the road at OH 7. US 22 once turned left here to get onto the Fort Steuben Bridge.

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