Ohio Roads - Old OH 10

Former OH 10

The western end of old OH 10 along Butternut Ridge Rd. in Eaton Twp. is cut off by the modern OH 10/US 20 interchange at OH 57.

A smattering of older WB signs that I found in 2013, starting before the Ohio Turnpike and ending at the connector to OH 10's Exit 3. The "divided highway" is just a center turn lane.

Lorain Rd. (old OH 10) EB and WB at I-80 Exit 152 sometime before 2013, courtesy John Krakoff. These shields are why I drove old 10 myself, just a bit too late.

Old OH 10 comes to an end as OH 10 EB drops off of I-480 at this ramp and joins it.

In the westbound direction, OH 10 already left on the north side of the interchange, so these signs are technically already on the old route.

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