Ohio Roads - OH 84

Mentor gets a plaque on each side of town, EB and WB respectively.

OH 84 WB/86 EB split in Painesville. There should be more shield consistency - it's as if the routes were signed at different times.

EB and WB on the east side of town.

I bring you the 1810s Unionville Tavern and a relative baby in Madison, WB.

WB for the length that OH 84 follows Collins Blvd. in Ashtabula, a whole block from 46th St. to Main Ave.

OH 193 at and continuing onto OH 84, courtesy Doug Kerr. OH 84 runs close to US 20 and I-90 for almost all its length before breaking away here and heading east from 193. Then it ends at the PA border.

OH 84 WB at the same interchange.

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