Ohio Roads - OH 8

The photo above is courtesy Doug Kerr.

OH 8 SB, which turns into I-77 SB if you do nothing, and has the rare painted pavement shields that are entering the MUTCD in 2009. The two crammed arrows on the left BGS's are trying to tell you that I-77 SB is ahead in both lanes, but because there's not enough room on the signs, you don't find out till the next assembly after these that I-77 NB traffic exits, and I'm sure that leads to a few misadventures on the road. First two photos courtesy Doug Kerr, third courtesy Bill Donovan.

The ramp to I-76 back when there were two lanes continuing on the flyover ramp to the left, courtesy John Krakoff.

Southbound photos up to the OH 59 merge. First photo is courtesy Bill Donovan, and the rest are courtesy Doug Kerr. The photos from the combined freeway in Akron are on the OH 59 page, which you'll find at the big link at the bottom of this page.

The next exit up, SB again, 2nd photo courtesy Doug Kerr. Now that this exit is numbered, OH 8 and I-271 have the same exit number for OH 303.

Yes, this road is in fact the old OH 8, and is continuous from Boston Heights to Northfield. Neighborhoods prevented this from being widened into the current OH 8, which has interchanges with I-80 and I-271 before meeting its old alignment again. I think this Bill Donovan photo is off of OH 303; the alternative is that it's north of OH 82 along OH 8.

SB, alternating courtesy Bill Donovan (1, 3, 5) and Doug Kerr (2, 4), I believe starting at the north end of Olde Eight Rd. One of the last white distance signs in the state, the Akron sign was recently removed in the course of freeway construction, which you're about to see in the photos below.

During construction, OH 8 SB was temporarily routed on what is now the (two-way) frontage road. These photos pass the I-80 trumpet (now Exit 14B) under reconstruction with a glance east along Boston Mills Rd. before OH 8 comes back together. One of the remnants of construction is that the frontage road retains an onramp to I-80.

A look back northward from that point. The exit to the frontage road (SB) or Boston Mills Rd. (NB) is now 14A.

Northward to follow OH 8 SB onto the future frontage road along the Exit 14A ramp. To the east, the Hines Hill Rd. overpass takes shape over future OH 8, but it still crosses at a traffic signal for now.

SB at OH 82 and I-271 SB, where Alt. Truck 8 provides a detour route all the way to Akron. I hope it's because of the OH 8 construction, because that droopy state outline should not be made permanent.

This is courtesy Bill Donovan but I'd only have expected to see it in a Michael Summa photo, with Ohio's old font from before states uniformly adopted FHWA Highway Gothic.

The remainder of the photos are northbound from Macedonia to North Randall outside Cleveland, and all are courtesy Doug Kerr.

As promised in the second photo with its narrow shield, the next two are at OH 82, Aurora Rd. There are very few people approaching the TO I-271 assemblies who did not just get a chance to enter I-271 directly from OH 8; people coming from Macedonia Commons between 8, 82, and 271 would use the north exit directly to OH 82 to get to I-271 NB.

Past Rockside Rd. in the first photo, ending up at Miles Rd. in the last photo. Again, given that OH 8 just had a full interchange with I-480, why have it signed again via Miles Rd. (and only eastbound is reachable that way, via the multiplex)? This should just be a NORTH I-271 → assembly. OH 43 just came in off of the I-480 frontage roads, and Aurora Rd. to the east, and immediately leaves onto Miles Rd. to head into Cleveland.

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