Ohio Roads - OH 710

The first NB shield and the shield at Karl Rd. NB (top) are both one-piece signs.

Turned around, these are three distinct photo opportunities rolled into one, thanks to the power of zoom. The I-71 shields are button copy, the END 710 is another unisign, and the OH 161 is an entire assembly on one sign.

The other end of OH 710 SB - okay, what? The route really runs east-west more than anything, but it's hook-shaped - there's a north-south leg (Busch Blvd.), then the east-west portion on Schrock Rd., but OH 710 ends by reversing direction and coming down Cleveland Ave. to I-270. So if ODOT insists on signing Busch Blvd. as north-south, then I will go ahead and presume this section is also north-south. At the very least, it's definitely Cleveland Ave. SB.

Cleveland Rd. NB, turning into OH 710. Based on the milepost on the second I-270 gantry, it seems that OH 710 is 3.99 miles long. And hey, look at that, it says "710 N!" Since we discovered at OH 161 that OH 710 NB is the end that heads toward I-270, and we now see here that OH 710 NB is the end that heads away from I-270, I have just justified my assertion that OH 710 SB has two ends and OH 710 NB has none!

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