Ohio Roads - OH 7 - SB - Steubenville-Chesapeake

OH 7 SB, Steubenville to Chesapeake

Heading south from Steubenville into Mingo Junction. The black Ohio sign at the Logan Ave. gore (at least, that's where I believe it is) is courtesy Doug Kerr. Hopefully Ohio is "still proud" of its button copy.

The last sign should say Salt Run Rd., not Brilliant, but you could see that from the advance signs.

Last photo courtesy Doug Kerr.

The last photo is Lincoln Ave., former OH 7, ending on the south side of Martins Ferry.

The New Martinsville Bridge, OH 536.

Surprise concrete arch on OH 248 in Chester, dating to 1926.

There are no unbuilt movements at the US 35 interchange. In fact, these ramps were totally open once. But the weave along OH 7 SB between the ramps was judged to be unacceptable, so it was shut down. The first two photos are the former US 35 WB-OH 7 SB direct turn, and the last two are vantages of the SB right turn to US 35 EB. Even the sign was patched from an angled arrow to a bent one. I don't think that ramp was as critical to close, but I'm just a traffic engineer.

Gallipolis Locks and Dam across the Ohio River.

Leading up to the East Huntington Bridge, those two assemblies aren't supposed to be quite so identical. The "JCT" legend is unnecessary at the turn itself (last photo).

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