Ohio Roads - OH 7 SB - Steubenville and N./OH 39 WB

OH 7 SB, Steubenville and north
and OH 7 SB/OH 39 WB

OH 7 joins the OH 11 freeway as a bypass of La Croft, also avoiding a downhill with a sharp turn just outside East Liverpool. OH 267 is the old road, straight ahead.

Actually, the Franklin St. BGS is button copy on the outside only. The NB direction has the same problem at this exit.

Second photo, of course, is on the ramp.

After this, US 22 EB comes in, and I switch to the US 22 page (see the big link at bottom).

Past US 22 and through Steubenville, past the old railroad bridge across the Ohio River and a few local button copy LGS's for all the at-grade intersections (most of which are signalized). First OH 43 photo (third from the end) courtesy Doug Kerr.

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