Ohio Roads - OH 7 - NB - Bridgeport-Steubenville

OH 7 NB, Bridgeport to Steubenville

Through Martins Ferry. Once past downtown, Lincoln Ave. comes back in and then OH 7 has some at-grade intersections.

Next set of signs and down the Farm Rd. ramp.

What's more Brilliant than nuclear power? Coal power, which is what this actually is (thanks for the gentle reminder, Rebecca Daugherty).

What else was supposed to be on that sign? It couldn't be "next X exits" because we've already had the two Brilliant exits. Not very Brilliant at all.

Continuing along the Ohio River to the OH 151 ramp.

Through Mingo Junction and into Steubenville. The first Lincoln Ave. sign clearly switched capital L's.

Starting with a small sign at OH 43 and ending with the Fort Steuben Bridge, original US 22 and really feeling its age. The OH 7 NB ramps are on the left side and follow the SB/EB roadway, indicating that many years ago, both directions of OH 7 were up on the hillside on what is now its SB alignment.

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