Ohio Roads - OH 7 - NB - Chesapeake-Bridgeport

OH 7 NB, Chesapeake to Bridgeport

We saw on the Chesapeake page (see "Back south" link at bottom) that the OH 7 expressway is incomplete from Chesapeake to Proctorville. This is the result: OH 7 shares space with the number given to its old alignment.

The East Huntington Bridge, OH 775, where OH 7 turns back onto a bypass alignment around Proctorville.

Enjoy the Gallipolis Locks and Dam. Chew Mail Pouch. Disclaimer: do not chew.

From Teens Run (they sure do) to Gallipolis. The shields are rotated in the last photo.

A jaunt through Gallipolis. The decrepit "port" sign is for Gallia-Meggs Regional Airport. The bridge is the Silver Memorial Bridge on US 35, named in memory of the Silver Bridge collapse a mile upstream.

An old milepost triggers another round of photos, passing under the Silver Memorial Bridge to the railroad bridge next to the original Silver Bridge alignment.

The Kyger Creek Power Plant (coal-fired despite the cooling towers), an old sign in Cheshire, and then the stub of a divided highway on OH 7/124 at Collins Rd. outside Pomeroy.

Under the Parkersburg Memorial Toll Bridge and on to a very historical town. The "right turn only" sign faces traffic on Washington St., a ramp up from Front St. next to the OH 7 bridge coming down from the Muskingum River.

Another power plant (Pleasants Power Station, actually on the WV side), another bridge (the Hi Carpenter Memorial Bridge on OH 807).

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