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OH 7 - General photos

One-piece assembly at the end of the aptly named OH 735, which connects OH 7 with US 35 to the west (movements to the east/bridge happen further south on 7 itself, hence the signage). Courtesy H.B. Elkins.

Diminutive font on the No Outlet sign for Collins Rd. on the east side of OH 7/124. That's not a first name before "Collins," that's the township route number, T637.

OH 248 EB across the Shade River, a little smaller than the arch bridge on old OH 7 you'll see farther down this page.

OH 248 WB.

Downtown Marietta offers but a fleeting view of the OH 60 Williamstown Bridge into WV to the south.

On the ramp from both directions of OH 7, courtesy John Krakoff.

Liberty Ave. NB from Tiltonsville.

OH 213 NB leaving OH 2, courtesy Doug Kerr.

CR 43 heading west on Ross Ridge Rd. a block to the south of OH 213 (turning from Walden Ave.), and then the eastern end along Walden Ave., which to the south is just the outlet to a dead-end neighborhood.

OH 213 SB turning left at the intersection and ending at OH 7.

CR 56 EB north of Steubenville, as seen through my sunroof.

If you came up with this name to impress me enough to get on my website, well played.

I almost have a CR 12 page from just one block of Chestnut Ridge Rd. The first photo looks west from OH 7 - old sign, precise distance. The second photo is right there on the corner, and then the third photo with the wide shield is on Chestnut Ridge Rd. EB.

I thought this Doug Kerr photo was unique until I saw the one at CR 12. At least this one has a computery 360 font.

The original OH 7 bridge over the Conneaut Creek south of the city of Conneaut in the northeast corner of Ohio, again courtesy Doug Kerr. This still carries local traffic on Mill Rd., and appears to be in great shape considering its age. Steel truss bridges do a whole lot worse, probably because they have many more pieces that can lose strength over time. (Steel fails gradually, concrete more suddenly, which means that at some point this bridge will suddenly go from eternally sturdy to serious risk, but it's unlikely that anything will fail catastrophically enough to collapse the bridge all at once.)

Intrigued by Doug's photos, I came to visit the bridge myself. Here's the old street sign you want to turn at.

Walking north onto the bridge.

Up close with the post at the northeast corner. Almost "former post."

Looking west along the creek.

Back south across the bridge. There used to be a nice decorative railing before weathering and impacts ate it away.

Courtesy John Krakoff, formerly on Liberty St. WB in Conneaut. Rule of thumb in Ohio: if it has the state name on it, it's no longer around.

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