Ohio Roads - OH 7 - Chesapeake

OH 7 in Chesapeake

The first exit on OH 7 NB.

Conversely, the last exit on OH 7 SB, with a view of the US 52 West Huntington Bridge that's coming to intercept and end OH 7 after its long journey. The 1/2 mile sign, courtesy H.B. Elkins, has a premature right arrow, while the sign at the exit has no arrow at all to help you find I-64 and US 60. I've never seen this style of shield-only button-copy in either OH or WV before, only MA. Notice the duplicated distance signs. What's the point of the first one?

A view of the OH 527 Robert C. Byrd Bridge into downtown Huntington. Despite its number, it doesn't connect to US 52, but that's because it was flipped with the current US 52 bridge that now bypasses Huntington.

The next exit northbound is clearly an unbuilt expressway stub. The exit is intended to be for OH 527, which is actually designated up to this interchange, but instead OH 7 uses it to jog back to its old alignment. Let's explore this stub, perhaps as part of a road meet.

Continuing to the end of the possible future OH 7 NB roadway. No way to know if this will ever happen. There appears to be a development on the planned ROW north of Proctorville, but there also appears to be a different path potentially available.

For now, with the trumpet incomplete, Lawrence CR 123 has an impromptu connector road that leads down into the stub, with a very temporary road through the median to take local traffic to OH 7 NB/OH 527 SB. I don't get the reason, because if the expressway is ever built, there isn't an alternative mirroring this path.

From the median, looking northeast toward the cleared and graded roadbed.

Southwestern views along each stub carriageway.

One more look south, on future OH 7 SB, then a look west at the grading for the future SB ramp to OH 527.

Back up that lightly used ramp toward OH 7 NB/OH 527 SB.

SB at unheralded OH 527, only signed as the longer WV route, courtesy H.B. Elkins.

NB across the mouth of Symmes Creek, then a look back south at what I just crossed.

And now for something completely ancient, NB.

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