Ohio Roads - OH 527/OH 7

OH 527 and OH 7/527

OH 527 doesn't get any love. It comes over from WV, comes to this light, and all you see is other highways. It actually does continue straight to the OH 7 expressway, but because the expressway was never completed east of here to Proctorville, OH 7 uses OH 527 to get between newer and older alignments, and just takes over the branding. I bet OH 527 would be signed if OH 7 were (or ever is) completed.

All you get in the other direction is more button copy, since the entire interesting part of the bridge is in WV jurisdiction. By the way, Veterans Memorial Blvd. actually is US 60. But only WB, and only for a couple of blocks, so it's easier to ignore it.

OH 527 NB and, at least for now, OH 7 SB approaching the unbuilt ramp to OH 7 NB. I wonder if there is text under those greenouts. Button copy text.

Looking north along unbuilt OH 7 as OH 527 NB crosses it on a trumpet ramp.

Although there is no OH 7 SB to feed it traffic, the SB ramp to OH 527 SB is open to a few cars coming out of an adjacent neighborhood along Lawrence CR 123 on a "temporary" connector. That's the "To North OH 7" signage you saw above.

Coming 'round the bend, looking north and south as OH 527 NB silently ends at the interchange.

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