Ohio Roads - OH 44

OH 44

All photos courtesy Doug Kerr.

These are all northbound, including the last one on the OH 2 WB duplex. For some reason, OH 44 doesn't have an interchange with this particular cross-country US highway, at least in this direction. It does have an old alignment that heads into Painesville to help serve the US 20 traffic (or just head west on OH 84). From OH 2, 44 continues north to Headlands Beach on what apparently never was an old alignment - 44 just jogs along 2 to fool non-Ohioans like myself.

Back the other way, OH 2 EB/OH 44 SB.

OH 44 SB alone, with signage that doesn't quite qualify as freeway standard (the last sign is commonly on surface streets at freeways).

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