Ohio Roads - OH 43

Old arrow on N. 7th St. NB before turning onto OH 43 NB, and old signs heading up the hill, but the best treasure by far is at the top.

Another classic sign just a little farther north at University Blvd. Typical older Ohio signs have flat shields that have lost their reflectivity and extra green tabs on top to... hide the electrical work for the sign lighting? What makes this truly classic is that this isn't a sign error - there weren't supposed to ever be "TO" legends on the signs. Although OH 43 NB will lead to US 22 WB via any of a few right turns (including 43 itself) and University Blvd. will eventually lead back to US 22 EB, these signs predate the freeway, from when US 22 actually did multiplex with OH 43 and leave here via University Blvd. over to the Fort Steuben Bridge. (22 doesn't use that old thing anymore, crossing on the cable-stayed Weirton-Steubenville Bridge.)

The southbound overhead signs at University Blvd. have been replaced, and correctly say TO US 22. This cut-corner font shield may date from when this was still actual US 22, though. University Blvd. would be the best way to OH 7 NB, but stay on 43 for 7 SB.

Now starting with Ohio uni-signage from Belleview Blvd. WB and heading back down the hill on OH 43 SB with plenty more older signage.

Down the hill into Steubenville, under the railroad and 6th St., to the end. See, we made it to OH 7 despite the University Blvd. shield. In plain view of the end of 43 is the old Market St. Bridge, which is supposed to be refurbished even though it's in worse condition than the Fort Steuben Bridge, which is supposed to be demolished because it's too close to US 22. Well, they're both in bad condition, but the rust makes this look worse. You can even make out WV 2 shields at the far end of the bridge - the Ohio River isn't that wide here (about 1,000 feet).

Adams St. WB, which has a long ramp that snakes up the hill to join OH 43.

Lovers Lane SB heading away from US 22. Yup, Steubenville sure is a fine place, one of Ohio's best - compared to Youngstown, perhaps (I wouldn't say that except I visited both cities that weekend), but it's not a ringing endorsement for Ohio when the best city's signs look like this.

NB up to the actual junction with US 22.

In the other direction, courtesy Doug Kerr. OH 43 crosses US 22 into Wintersville and Steubenville while Jefferson CR 43 (which intersects OH 43 a mile or two to the north) parallels US 22 and ends where US 22 meets OH 7. Given the numbering and the routing, I have to think OH 43 once went that way - but why bypass the cities?

Skipping up to Canton, SB, with the second photo at US 30 WB. OH 43 turns left to go EB, leaving US 30 at the third photo (courtesy Lou Corsaro) and the last photo with the afterthought "NORTH."

OH 8 NB at Miles Rd., where OH 43 NB turns left after just having joined 8 from the I-480 frontage roads, courtesy Doug Kerr.

OH 14 and OH 43/14
US 422 and OH 43/8/14/US 422

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