Ohio Roads - OH 257

OH 257

All photos are southbound.

The gem of the route, just south of OH 750. Click for a demonic-possession version of the sign.

One of the most accurate representations of the Ohio outline you'll ever find on a route sign, but that ends up making it look strange compared to the normal stretched and less-notchy version.

US 33 on top, or on the bottom? Show the shields correctly, or reverse the colors? What series font to use, and how much to stretch the OH 161 state outline unnecessarily? Whatever, let's just top it off with a confusing brown sign so that people think both directions lead to the same place.

"So that people think both directions lead to the same place." So, first of all, the shield blank is correct, and the printed shield clearly isn't. Second of all, why isn't this using a wide shield? Third of all, why don't the banners have white legend on blue? Fourth, the banners should be the same width as the shield. Technically, OH 161 EB does lead to I-270 EB (via a left on Sawmill Rd.), so the sign should specify which direction of I-270 is accessed by which turn.

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