Ohio Roads - OH 18

OH 18

OH 15/18 EB in Defiance, courtesy Doug Kerr. The standalone shields are fine, but for some reason Ohio has trouble keeping its one-piece assembly shields down to two-digit width.

Henry CR 14 in the western part of the state, but east of Defiance, again from Doug. Henry County numbers its roads from east to west and letters them from north to south. Some are county roads, some are township roads, but that doesn't affect the order.

Four highways parade around downtown Medina and OH 18 gets caught up in the ride, here seen WB. Click on the 4th photo to see what it looked like pre-signal replacement (the OH 3 shield wasn't as important as the OH 18 that replaced it) and click on the 6th photo to see what OH 18 looked like with an "EAST" banner. Those clicks are courtesy Doug Kerr.

EB at I-77 Exit 137, courtesy Bill Donovan.

WB, same spot, same attribution. The first photo replaces a perfectly normal sign; in addition to oversized arrows, it got the directions backward as you can see in the second photo, which is never good for drivers. The second photo has the rare occurence of three generations of signs on the same overhead. The original non-reflective I-77 signs were probably replaced when OH 21 was brought onto that freeway. My guess is that OH 18 was then widened east of I-77, resulting in the need for an EXIT ONLY sign, and at that point the new generation was brought in - or else the existing sign was fine but was damaged. If ODOT just had to replace the sign, at least it could have included the 21 duplex.

Martha Ave. SB less than a block away from OH 18, at Exit 25 of I-76 in Akron. Martha Ave. is useful for traffic going the "wrong way" between 18 and 76 (coming from and heading to the west), including traffic coming from Goodyear Heights.

WB at I-76 Exit 26, from Bill Donovan.

Mahoning CR 18 EB, former OH 18 and still keeping the number, near Youngstown. The holes (at Raccoon Rd.) are for the wind.

More CR 18 EB photos, courtesy Doug Kerr.

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