Ohio Roads - OH 163

OH 163

All photos but one are westbound.

Sadly, this old assembly at Alexander Pike in Lakeside Marblehead has been removed, depriving us of the joys of old signs. Lakeside Daisy is a park, but you'd think it's also a business.

The 1912 Lakeside Marblehead town hall, then a strange, artsy street sign font in Port Clinton.

While in Port Clinton, OH 163 crosses the mouth of the Portage River on this 1933 drawbridge.

Courtesy Doug Kerr, OH 2 has a half-interchange with OH 163. Lakeshore Drive and OH 358 serve the other half.

OH 163 follows the Portage River into Oak Harbor and out the other side. The last photo is the only EB one on the page, for completeness of cast town sign coverage.

Lickert-Harder Rd. is between Oak Harbor and Genoa. Courtesy Doug Kerr, even though there's an old sign on the post, that alone is worth the photo.

One more cast sign for the road.

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