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OH 158

Heading north from I-70 on a two-lane freeway with a clearly deteriorating second carriageway. During the construction of I-70, it came up this way to tie into US 40 for a ride through Columbus (it was easier to construct freeways outside cities than through them, so those pieces were done first), but once I-70 was completed, here was over a mile of new, nicely constructed road, so ODOT turned OH 158 onto it instead of continuing straight north to US 40 in Kirkersville. Otherwise, both carriageways would look like the former WB lanes.

The US 40 shield is too wide, but that pales in comparison to the truncated Ohio outline used on the state route shield.

The first photo shows the grading of both carriageways as they curved from northwest to west and met US 40. The second photo's treeline is where I-70 EB came out of US 40 EB.

Now, a couple of SB photos on former I-70 EB.

After much persuasion, the Columbus Road Meet stopped on old I-70 WB for some photos. I start off looking northwest at the Loop Rd. overpass.

Facing southeast toward the I-70/OH 158 interchange.

Remaining unbroken pavement and some twisted reinforcement that may have once been part of the concrete roadway.

Current I-70

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