Ohio Roads - OH 126/Ronald Reagan Hwy.

OH 126 and Ronald Reagan Cross-County Highway

Galbraith Rd. WB, connecting from US 42. The signs used to read "X-County", but the renaming now takes precedence.

EB on the Reagan Highway without OH 126, featuring the oldest signs on the highway. This was once known as the Cross-County Highway alone, but it's too cumbersome to refer to the full name now that the President has been tacked on. It's obvious that the name was patched onto the pull-through sign at Blue Rock Rd., where it once said "X-County" just like at Galbraith Rd. I can also tell you that any signs showing OH 126 have also been altered, because 126 followed a separate surface routing until 1997 that never met the Cross-County.

Now the rest of the way with OH 126 past Mt. Healthy. I would give a kidney (not necessarily mine, though) to see what sign was in place pre-1997 at the I-75 NB split, only if it's another diagrammatic.

Entering the highway from US 22/OH 3. Clearly it was supposed to continue eastward, in fact out about as far as OH 126 now goes as a surface road.

Back past Mt. Healthy with all the button copy left until OH 126 drops back off the highway. You know, based on the eastbound side, what's coming.

The best of the west(bound).
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