Ohio Roads - OH 104

OH 104

OH 104 SB/OH 73 EB along the Ohio River and about to end in Portsmouth, looking south at the Carl D. Perkins Memorial Bridge.

Frank Rd. EB, which is about to turn into OH 104 EB. And the sign is correct, OH 104 is a north-south road until it gets to Columbus.

On that note, this makeshift sign faces OH 104 NB, which turns right to become EB.

The last photo is on the ramp.

Again, down the ramp.

Whither sign rot only here? Button copy doesn't peel, just saying.

In this direction, it's a Highmay.

The last photo is on Groveport Rd. NB at that interchange, but OH 104 is still heading west here, not yet south.

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