Ohio Roads - I-77 SB - S. of Akron

south of Akron

Rubber Bowl sounds like one of the worst tourist attractions ever conceived. These are all courtesy Doug Kerr.

Arlington Rd. SB at I-77 Exit 120.

Next set of SB signs to the Exit 118 ramp.

All courtesy Doug Kerr, down the Exit 104 ramp to US 62. The first photo is not button copy, but the tacked-on OH 687 is unusual. According to Brian Powell, this is for quick removal when and if OH 687 is decommissioned.

Long after guide signs (and apparently exit numbers) are replaced, button copy lives on the blue service signs.

Creeping on some SB signs from the NB lanes.

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Into West Virginia on I-77
Exit 123B to OH 764
Exit 122B to I-277
Exit 122 to US 224
Exit 118 to OH 241
Exit 107 or 104 to US 62
Exit 105 to OH 172
Exit 104 to US 30
Exit 83 to OH 39
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