Ohio Roads - I-77/OH 21 SB - N. of Akron

I-77 (and OH 21) SB north of Akron

A couple of button copy signs, down the Exit 161 ramp to the semi-stack (missing 2 of eight ramps, but all four levels accounted for) at I-490, all courtesy John Krakoff as is the photo atop the page. Both directions are I-490, but it ends just to the east. It was not supposed to, but it's not going any further.

SB and down the Exit 156 ramp with a complementary look at the four-level stack to the one on the NB page. Mostly courtesy Doug Kerr, except the third photo and most of the fifth photo are courtesy John Krakoff.

This one's my own as I land at Cleveland-Hopkins. It looks south from the I-480 stack in the foreground to Rockside Rd. (Exit 155) in the background. The proximity of the exits causes ramp braiding to maintain full access between both routes and Rockside.

All courtesy John Krakoff.

The next 14 photos are courtesy Bill Donovan.

The fun with button copy is you can put it wherever you want on the sign.

OH 21 leaves I-77 to strike off on its own. It was once US 21, and still makes part of an Alternate I-77.

It should be pretty obvious what's going on here; the second photo is a different angle of the sign in the background of the first photo. This button copy is off of Exit 133.

After seeing the northbound signs, I'm sure you're curious - V Odom Blvd. was renamed from Wooster Ave. The Kenmore Blvd. exit is on the Exit 129 ramp.

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