Ohio Roads - I-77/OH 21 NB - N. of Akron

I-77 (and OH 21) NB north of Akron

The next set of 25 photos is courtesy Bill Donovan. I'll tell you when it switches.

Sorry, dyslexics.

Continuing northbound from Akron into Fairlawn, and ending on the Exit 133 ramp.

It appears OH 21 used to just be a left exit before I-77 was restriped. At the 77/21 interchange, there is room for a westward freeway heading away from Akron; this actually would have been I-80, using what is now I-76 and continuing west to meet the Ohio Turnpike at Norwalk. The OH Turnpike between those two points would have been I-80N. Probably because the Turnpike would not have been happy with an untolled freeway bypass, that never came to be. From Exit 135 north to Exit 144, I-77 and OH 21 are duplexed.

Northbound with OH 21, then up the Exit 138 ramp for some goodies. These are the last Bill Donovan photos in the run of 25.

Now here are some signs original to the freeway. This may be the last two-digit width shield for a 3-digit Ohio state route on any BGS in the state. Of course, the I-271 shields are button copy, and the sign backgrounds are not reflective. Second and last photos courtesy Doug Kerr, and the rest courtesy John Krakoff.

7th photo (at Exit 156) courtesy Bill Donovan, the rest courtesy Doug Kerr and down the Exit 156 ramp.

Just to confuse you, the first, third, fourth, and last photos are courtesy John Krakoff, and the others are courtesy Doug Kerr.

I-77 comes to an end at what would have been I-71 had Cleveland's freeways been a little more completed, but I discuss that enough on other Cleveland freeway pages. All courtesy Doug Kerr.

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