Ohio Roads - I-77/OH 21

I-77 and I-77/OH 21

Everhard Rd. EB (above) and Whipple Rd. SB (right) by I-77 Exit 109 near Canton. These signs wouldn't be here if not for the Interstate.

I-77 NB south of Akron
I-77 SB south of Akron

I-76 and I-77/76, Akron

I-77/OH 21 NB north of Akron
I-77/OH 21 SB north of Akron

Right: Harvard Ave. WB above Exit 159, courtesy Doug Kerr.

The 9th St. SW bridge, constructed in Canton in 1943, sits in the shadow of I-77, now a much longer shadow due to the addition of a sound wall.

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