Ohio Roads - I-76, Akron & W., I-77/US 224

I-76, Akron and west, , US 224/I-76

Photo above courtesy Doug Kerr, on I-76 just before I-77 merges. I've done my best to get retakes, but a few of the photos below are affected by snow from the December 31, 2009 storm that was busy pummelling Pennsylvania.

Starting at the very end of I-76 WB, with US 224 continuing on from there. The last photo, on the double-trumpet ramp (which would be seen by traffic from US 224 EB as well), is courtesy Doug Kerr, and the rest are courtesy John Krakoff because Exit 1 signs have been replaced. Take a close look at the left I-71 shield on the first ramp assembly (penultimate photo). Not quite right - check the shield next to it.

Next set of WB photos. The mixed-case of Camping makes it look like a town instead of a service.

OH 94 above I-76 Exit 9, heading northbound in the first three photos and then turned SB in the final photo, courtesy Doug Kerr.

Another WB run of photos, 2nd and 3rd courtesy John Krakoff. The last one is on the Exit 9 ramp.

WB Exit 14 photos onto the ramp.

Barber Rd. NB at I-76 Exit 16 courtesy John Krakoff.

WB past Exit 19 ramp button copy to Exit 17 (OH 619, Wooster Rd.). The first photo is at the I-77 NB divergence. While it would make sense for Alt Truck 8 (which really just needs to be Alt 8 or Truck 8, not both) to follow I-77, which does continue straight as the arrow suggests, the assembly is located on the right side of the road where I-76 WB is diverging, so there's no telling for sure. The next photo, coming after that, is clearly no longer on the I-77 duplex, and is in fact all the way down by the merge from I-77 SB.

The first photo is on East Ave. SB at Morse St. The second, historic photo is on either S. Main Street, Wolf Ledges Pkwy. (which probably had a different name then), or Grant St., southbound in 1976, courtesy Michael Summa.

WB on the Akron I-77 concurrency, first photo courtesy Doug Kerr and second photo on Russell Ave., the WB frontage road, for Exit 21C traffic.

EB to Exit 21C, then Dart Ave. SB. The lone presence of a Minimum speed sign implies no maximum?

EB at the end of the I-76/77 concurrency, first photo courtesy Bill Donovan. The 1-mile exit tab is but the rest of the sign is reflective - and yet Ohio never took down the underlighting that has been rendered unnecessary by the advent of retroreflectivity! One way to tell that your right lane is closed for a long period of time is to put an X over the lane. A better way is just to not put anything at all.

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