Ohio Roads - I-76 E. of Akron

I-76 east of Akron

EB on along the Exit 24 ramp.

Westbound to the beginning of the I-76/77 duplex, with the last photo on the Exit 23A ramp as I reenter Akron. The snow's quite visible here.

EB once more, to the end of the Exit 25B ramp, with a sneak peak at the Exit 26 advance sign.

General St. NB and SB, carrying traffic from Englewood Ave., which is briefly the I-76 EB frontage road (and Exit 25B continuation) but cut off by a railroad to the east.

Pointy cutout at the end of the EB Exit 26 ramp, courtesy Scott Colbert. Ohio seems to have a problem with using these shields, meant for mounting on BGS's, in regular-shield situations. States whose corners can impale young children should not ever cut out their shields. Hear that, New Jersey? You can stop the black-background circles now.

More eastbound Akron signs from Bill Donovan.

Westbound heading into Akron, first three photos courtesy Doug Kerr. Notice that in the last photo, there's an addition to the left sign and blank space on the right sign. They're related. Click on it for the previous look of the assembly, also courtesy Doug.

Westbound from the Ohio Turnpike bump with I-80 west of Youngstown to the Exit 33 ramp, all courtesy Doug Kerr except the four larger photos of blue signs, which are mine because that's all that's left of button copy here. In the third photo, the tiny BGS way over on the closed, under-construction WB lanes is for OH 534; I only point this out because of the lovely page I've written on it (with Doug's photos), including a covered bridge, so why not visit it when you're done here?

More eastbound Bill Donovan button copy, including a distance sign that was clearly not long for this world at the time of the photo.

The first and last photo are courtesy Bill Donovan, and the middle two (really from the same photograph) are courtesy Scott Colbert. I'm not quite sure what VIA PENNA means, as there's no other way to NYC without detouring far south to WV, MD, and DE. Maybe they were trying to think of what I-80 is called in Pennsylvania, which is... I-80. You also see, at the point where OHDOT dutifully switches mileposting from I-76 to I-80 (technically right in the middle of the underpass), that once again the mileposts from the edge of Mahoning County have been adjusted upward by .03 since the days of I-80S. Maybe the whole highway shifted west by 160 feet....
At this interchange, I-80 and I-76 bump off of each other, and back in the day I-80 and I-80S did the same. I suppose the idea was to keep I-80S south of I-80, without wasting an extra number. The downsides are that the I-76 through route requires following two trumpet inner loops (thanks to the Turnpike toll plaza), and that if you're not paying attention you can end up on the wrong highway. Of course, the whole reason this happened is because the Pennsylvania and Ohio Turnpikes were designed to connect directly, and then the Akron-Easton (I-76 into I-80) route was built later.

Courtesy John Krakoff and EB, with the shield in the second photo replacing a typical street name sign.

WB courtesy John Krakoff. The old exit numbers are still up for reference, but that makes it look like both are valid.

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