Ohio Roads - I-71 SB - S. of Columbus

I-71 SB, south of Columbus

On down the Exit 101 ramp, first three photos and last two photos courtesy John Krakoff.

The last photo is on the Exit 65 ramp; the first three photos are courtesy John Krakoff and the last is courtesy Doug Kerr. OH 435 used to be US 35 until quite recently, but 35 now follows a freeway from Xenia to Chillicothe. As you see, the advance exit signs that aren't even button copy still haven't caught up completely.

At and off this exit, first photo courtesy John Krakoff and the others courtesy Doug Kerr.

The second photo is from John, the Warren County photo is mine, and the others are from Doug.

And these are all from John.

Courtesy Doug Kerr except for the second photo and the last two photos, past the Miami River (named for the same tribe as the famous Miami University Not In Florida) and distance signs that like to tell you the next exit instead of the next town.

All courtesy Doug Kerr, in Cincinnati. Note the narrow exit gore sign for Exit 6 (but look, there's plenty of room there for a standard one) and how exit numbers start disappearing at the end of the freeway.

Starting on the Exit 2 offramp and ending with one more of Doug's photos.

Long gone, courtesy John Krakoff. The whole interchange mess down by I-71/I-75 has been redone since then, so don't try to find this sign and don't use modern mapping to locate it.

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