Ohio Roads - I-71 SB - Cleveland-Columbus

I-71 SB, Cleveland to Columbus

Starting from the top of the Interstate, the first three photos are mine, and the remainder are courtesy Doug Kerr while entering from W. 14th St. in Cleveland. That onramp merges with the Exit 245 ramp to become a C-D road for a little while before joining the freeway proper after the last photo. US 42 parallels I-71 all the way through Ohio, one of the only even/odd pairs of Interstate and US highways in the nation (US 67/I-30 is the only other one that springs to mind).

Obviously, the last couple of photos are heading down the ramp away from I-71 SB. There is no SB-EB or WB-NB access here - one must use OH 176 or I-77 (or, for the poor planners, W. 130th or W. 150th Streets). The three smaller photos are courtesy Doug Kerr. The last two are courtesy John Krakoff, and the others are hybrids of the two.

First photo courtesy John Krakoff, third and fifth photos courtesy Doug Kerr. You may notice some Clearview in the second and fourth photos, a recent and unwelcome development. Click on the fourth (next to last) photo to see both signs in button copy, courtesy Doug Kerr.

The third (smaller) photo is courtesy Doug Kerr and the 2nd, 4th, and 5th are courtesy John Krakoff. I-271 from this direction is reached via OH 3, but I don't think Erie Pa. makes much sense as a destination for traffic that's already heading southbound. Perhaps one of the southeastern suburbs of Cleveland would suffice.

Ending on the Exit 176 ramp, almost all courtesy Doug Kerr. The last photo is courtesy Bill Donovan, outside Mansfield, and the second photo is mine. Movements between the east and the north are accomplished via Crider Rd., Richland CR 92, and Koogle Rd., which is why east is to the right for cars heading south. All of the Mansfield bypass on US 30 is a freeway except at I-71, where the ramps to and from the south intersect 30 at grade. There is just one more exit to the east (the aforementioned Koogle Rd.), but it makes sense to create more grade separation here at Exit 176.

The first three photos are courtesy Bill Donovan and the rest are courtesy Doug Kerr, ending in another exit ramp.

Interesting attempt to combine "Exit Only" and "1 mile," but not quite informative enough.

Courtesy John Krakoff. Follow the big links below to continue. But first:

Bonus John Krakoff content from 1992, when Indianapolis took priority over Dayton and the northern leg of the complex I-670/I-71 interchange was being built. The old Exits 109A and 109C are both gone in the new configuration.

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Exit 246 to OH 176
Exit 245 or 234 to US 42
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