Ohio Roads - I-71 NB - N. of Columbus

north of Columbus

Above: Courtesy John Krakoff.

Polaris Pkwy. construction, where the extension and reconfiguration of the interchange to include the newly built Gemini Place is underway, courtesy Doug Kerr. Notice the afterthought OH 750 shields; the state route was extended along Polaris Pkwy. in 1997, probably after these signs were manufactured (or even installed).

More button copy from Doug Kerr.

Only the exit tab is button copy in the first photo.

First photo is courtesy Scott Colbert.

All courtesy John Krakoff, except for the rainy Exit 234 photo, ending down the Exit 238 ramp. Watch the exit tab move from right (where it belongs) to center (the old 1970's style) on consecutive signs.

Through Brooklyn and the speed trap of Linndale (no exits of its own, just a bunch of radar), all courtesy John Krakoff.

Finishing with my own NB photos, including a couple of the Exit 247 ramp. The message on the last assembly could stand to be less confusing, because the sign on the right belongs with I-90 (on the left), so really Downtown should be the rightmost.

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Exit 121 to OH 750
Exit 176 to US 30
Exit 186 to US 250
Exit 209 to I-76
Exit 209 to US 224
Exit 231 to OH 82
Exit 233 to I-80
Exit 234 or 245 to US 42
Exit 238 to I-480
Exit 247 to I-490
Exit 247 or straight onto I-90
Exit 171 to US 422
Exit 171 to OH 14
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